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How to Pack Appliances for a Move

Posted - 03/07/2012

If you are about to move and need to pack some appliances, you might be trying to figure out what the best way would be to pack these items. You don't want them to be damaged in the truck by running into other items, so it is good to pad these appliances with cushions. You don't need to buy special foam just to wrap around your appliances. Using pillows from your sofa and jamming them between the appliances will act to absorb the force at which appliances move against each other during the journey to your new home. Make sure that you are packing appliances tightly against the cushions they are protected by. You don't want there to be too much of a gap for the cushions to slip out if the truck rolls over big bumps during the drive. You may want to call any type of moving company to assist with your move. They often have cloths and specialized cushions that can surround appliances to keep them from getting scratched or dented during a move. Moving companies also will normally strap appliances to the side of the truck to limit the movement of the item during the trip.
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